Bike S&T

What is S&T doing on Campus?

S&T is beginning the process to become a "League of American Bicyclist- Bike Friendly University". By working with our community, on campus advocacy groups and student organizations, as well as local businesses, S&T hopes to become much more accessible to all types of alternative transportation. 

Important rules

  • Pedestrians have the right of way on campus
  • Bikes may only be parked in bicycle racks (locations can be found on the S&T Campus Cycling and Bike Parking Map)
  • Riding a bike on the sidewalk is not allowed within a business district (downtown)

Full rules

Bike to Work Day is held in May, watch your emails for the date and further details

A selection of cycling events in the area is provided below, for more events and details please contact the S&T Cycling Club (

Event (type), Time, Organized by, Location

  • Dirty Joe Fondo (gravel), January, Route 66 Bicycle, Woodson K Woods Recreation area
  • Oak Knoll Criterium (road), Weekly, S&T Cycling Club, Rolla 
  • Death by Gravel (gravel), March, Route 66 Bicycles, Steelville MO
  • Hellbender State Road Race (road), June, Rolla Multisport Club, Rolla
  • Fourth of July at Toms (mountain bike), July, Route 66 Bicycles, Edgar Springs MO
  • Tour de Lights (fun ride), December, Route 66 Bicycles, Rolla

Missouri S&T has a mobile bike repair station in front of the library. It includes an air pump, tire pressure gauge and multiple tools for repairs on your bicycle.

The S&T Cycling Club holds open shop hours on Fridays from 3-5pm in their campus shop (Altman G2), where tools and a knowledgable club member are available to assist you in performing your bike repairs, and labor is free.

Bike Locks

Bike locks are available for short-term (several hours) rental at the library

Please consider the following when buying and using a bike lock:

  • Cable locks can easily be cut, U-locks are safer and highly recommended
  • A cable lock can be used to secure parts of the bike to the U-lock (frame, wheels, seatposts)


Please register your bike, so that it can be recovered in case the bike gets lost or stolen. Students living on campus can register their bike at their residential hall. All students can also register their bike with campus police. The registration has to be done in person at the campus police department and only takes a few minutes.

Please be careful riding bikes on campus at crowded times. It might be a good idea to ride your bike to campus and leave it at one of the bike racks on the edge of campus. The location of all bicycle racks can be found on the S&T Campus Cycling and Bike Parking Map. The relatively small size of the S&T campus allows you to walk almost anywhere in a few minutes, riding your bike is often not faster when there are a lot of people on campus.

If you decide to ride your bike on campus, please be sure to give pedestrians the right of way. If you have to pass someone let them know beforehand to avoid a crash.

Use lights when it is dark outside.

League of American Bicyclists

For generations past and to come, THE LEAGUE represents bicyclists in the movement to create safer roads, stronger communities, and a bicycle-friendly America. Through information, advocacy and promotion, we work to celebrate and preserve the freedom cycling brings to our members everywhere.

WE BELIEVE: Bicycling brings people together. When more people ride bikes:

     Life is better for everyone; 
     Communities are safer, stronger and better connected; 
     Our nation is healthier, economically stronger, environmentally cleaner and more energy independent.

OUR VISION: is a nation where everyone recognizes and enjoys the many benefits and opportunities of bicycling.

OUR MISSION: is to lead the movement to create a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone. As leaders, our commitment is to listen and learn, define standards and share best practices to engage diverse communities and build a powerful, unified voice for change.

Click here for more information about The League of American Bicyclists


Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Foundation

The mission of the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation is to provide an advocacy platform to protect the rights and interests of bicyclists and pedestrians and to make Missouri a better place to walk and ride a bicycle through the advancement of bicycle access, safety and education.‌

Click here for more information about the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation


Route 66 Bicycles


Founded in 1996, Route 66 Bicycles is dedicated to serving the needs of area cyclists for years to come. Our philosophy is simple: You can't know bikes unless you ride them. Our staff puts years of experience behind every sale or repair. You can trust that we will not steer you off the trail.

 At our shop you will find everything from high-end road bikes to affordable comfort bikes, as well as parts and accessories. Our job is to make sure you love your new bike and help you find more ways to ride it more often.‌

We promote cycling as a sport for everyone to enjoy. From the avid to recreational rider, road, tri, 'cross, or mountain, Route 66 will meet your needs.  Shop us online or visit us in Rolla, MO, the gateway to the Mark Twain National Forest.

Click here for more information about Route 66 Bicycles