Exhibit Registration and Information


1.    Rolla Earth Day exhibits are strictly limited to organizations sharing information about topics related to earth and biological sciences, environmental policy, sustainability, recycling/waste management, renewable energy, healthy/environmentally friendly living, and environmental best practices. 

2.    Set up time for exhibitors will begin at 9:00 AM at the Havener Lawn.  A 10x10 ft tent will be provided for exhibits. A table is available upon request. 

3.    Hands-on children’s activities are strongly encouraged.  If you are planning a hands-on activity, please let us know on the registration.

4.    To keep with our green theme, we ask that exhibitors try to eliminate all non-recyclable handouts or giveaways.  If you plan to distribute brochures, please limit the number you distribute.  (Consider sharing web site addresses instead of paper brochures.)

5.    Giveaways are encouraged, but only if they relate to the theme (such as trees, seeds, flowers planted in biodegradable flower pots, or products made from natural/recyclable materials.)



School registration can be found here